Abdullah Daou: The Founder

Abdullah Daou was born in Lebanon in 1952. His career began in early childhood at his father's business which specialized in trading and industry of building materials. From there he gained and evolved his skills in business and financial responsibility. He studied at the universal College at Aley and the Lebanese University.

In 1976, he moved to Kuwait and established a contracting business which received several recognitions from international references.

In 1982 he started his self-supported research which was concluded in 1998 by building and testing the first real prototype of a floating island that laid the foundation of the Advanced Engineering of the Floating Island Dhow 4. The American University of Hawaii granted Abdullah Daou the Ph.D. HonorisCausa based on his breakthrough achievements.

In 1999, he founded “The Lebanese Inventors Association”, and was granted the “Decoration of the Arab Pioneers” under the auspices of the Arab league.

In 2005, he built and launched to sea at Shairco factories in Yanbu - KSA, the first Catamaran Yacht made from GRP & Steel; the first application of a catamaran designed and built as a real prototype of a catamaran of any size according to the Advanced Engineering of the Floating Island Dhow 4.

In 2007 he designed and built the first composite residential villa in the world made entirely of fiberglass; another derivation of the Dhow 4 Engineering.

Under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Dr. Abdullah Daou has lectured at major Lebanese Universities. He also delivered lectures, speeches, seminars at several Middle Eastern and European communities, in the scientific and investment basics of the Advanced Engineering Dhow 4.

He is currently in the final stages of building and launching, on the Lebanese Coast, the first floating island in the history of mankind.

Published Books:

- Basic principles in Construction Management(Arabic), Kuwait, 1984
- The West in the Hands of the Arabs, Lebanon, 2006(written in Arabic and English, translated to French and Spanish)
- Lebanese and the Universal State(Arabic), 20 November 2008
- Essays and Articles in various specialized fields

Unpublished: Technique to migrate brains from Lebanon (Arabic), Lebanon 2008

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