Floating Tower

TypeSelf Propelled Floating IslandLength:210 mWidth:103 mHeight105 m
Draft:15 mMain deck area:21.630 sq.mTotal built area: 97.000 sq.m
  • Main Deck
    • 600 m long – Coastline
    • Green Zones, tropical forest, multinational gardens, walk ways.
    • Swimming pool + water games.
    • Front swimming Bay: 70 m x 20 m
    • Rear Marina.
    • Helicopter landing platforms.
    • Multipurpose halls, lobbies, activity centers.
  • Superstructure
    • Hotel – 500 5-star rooms.
    • Luxury Suites Hotel.
    • Multipurpose halls, lobbies, activity centers.
    • Auditorium.
    • Clubs, pools, spa.
    • Private dining + entertainment suites.
    • Restaurants and Gardens.
    • Shopping Center.
  • Substructure
    • Underwater Hotel – 150 7-star rooms.
    • Underwater multipurpose hall 600 sq.m . ( Banquets, parties, etc)
    • Natural water world 90.000 m³.
    • Walk-diving underwater tracks (1.5 km).
    • Propulsion and mechanical departments.
    • Staff lodging area.


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