33m Catamaran

TypeCatamaranOAL32.9 mOAB16 mDisplacement250 m3 @ 1.6m draft; 560 m3 @ 1.6m draft
Draft1.6 m to 3 mEngines2 x 285 hp Diesel CapacityFull Air Conditioning (sea worthy)
  • Permitted Area of Operation: MCA Code – Category 2 (Maritime Coast guard Agency UK) ISO 12217 Design Category B (Up to 60 miles from a safe haven)

    Main Deck
  • Total Area:
    Hulls (lower stage):
    340 sq.m
    Area 270 sq.m
  • Power generators, diesel engines, diesel tanks, fresh water tanks, hot water tanks, wastewater treatment, Wastewater reserve, water desalination unit, fire pumps, HVAC system
  • Hulls (Upper stage): 310 sq.m
  • Operation room, .3x captain rooms, 4x staff bedrooms, kitchen, freezers, library, dining & meeting room, Storage room, ammunition&weaponry stores, E.R.
  • Roof:
    Control room, captain room
    Area 115 sq.m


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